Pokrajinski muzej Maribor

The goods of our time, are the roots of our ancestors.

The museum of the world’s oldest vine presents the improbable story of the resilience of the 460-year-old Modra kavčina vine, those who have cared for it, their knowledge and exceptional heritage.




The world’s oldest vine was planted in the second half of the sixteenth century. The first known depiction of the vine dates from 1657. In 2004 the vine was entered in the Guinness Book of Records. Today it is seen as one of Slovenia’s priceless natural assets.


Maribor, viticultural centre of Štajerska

Viticultural tradition has been present in the Maribor area since at least the 11th century. The cellar master of the provincial ruler is mentioned as early as 1353. In 1876, Maribor hosted the first international viticultural congress in Austro-Hungary.

Today, the town beside the River Drava is known as a viticultural and gastronomic centre of Slovenia with exceptional natural and cultural heritage.


Explore. Experience. Taste.

EXPLORE the 460-year-old story of the world’s oldest vine. Return to the medieval urban centre of Maribor and EXPERIENCE one of the largest classical wine cellars in Europe, with 2.1 km of underground corridors. TASTE the superb gastronomic achievements of Štajerska cuisine and the noble selection of local wines.

Tour of the museum with wine tasting

8.00 € per person

The tour includes: tour of the exhibition, viewing an animated film and tasting of queen's wine or juice.

Rock'n'roll of tastes

From 120.00 € (for group 2-8)

The cult chefs and musicians from Maribor are conducting the rock 'n' roll flavours. The guided experience reveals the backdrop of the unknown Maribor. Top wines and flavours are mixed with music from the time when Maribor was the capital of Slovenian rock 'n' roll.

Big guy's wine higlights with the world's oldest vine

From 80.00 € per person

Embark on a wine pilgrimage on one of the most beautiful Slovenian wine routes. Enhance your wine culture in the company of a top sommelier and taste the fusion of Štajerska wine varieties and selected local cuisine.


The old vine connects, the old vine brings joy, the old vine enthuses. Offspring of the old vine grow in 27 different countries. Its heritage reflects tradition, knowledge and creativity.

A bottle of wine from the old vine is the highest protocol gift of the Municipality of Maribor. As a special gift, you also can give wine from offspring of the old vine or a selected Štajerska wine.

The museum of the world’s oldest vine places the vine in the context of the urban development of Lent, and Maribor as the viticultural centre of Štajerska. In so doing, it relies on preserved movable heritage, which is reinforced by the fact of exceptional age. In addition to the selected material and texts, the exhibition is also enriched by computer animation and video.

A visit to the museum includes tasting queen’s wine or fruit juice.

The museum space is intended for protocol purposes, cultural events, meetings and socialising.

Entrance fee

Adults: 8 €
Pupils, students, pensioners: 5.5 €
Preschool children: 2 €

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Entrance fee 3+1 (3 people pay, one person free): 24.00 €
Entrance fee – adults in a group (for 10 people): 7.50 €
Free entrance fee (ICOM, SMD, PRESSE and Donors cards): 0.00 €
Family: only parents pay

Guided tour of the exhibition (adults, group of up to 10 people)*: 30.00 €
Guided tour of the exhibition (adults, group of 10 to 30 people)*: 45.00 €
Guided tour of the exhibition (pupils, students, pensioners, groups of up to 10 people – per person)*: 1.80 €
Guided tour of the exhibition (pupils, students, pensioners, group of 10 to 30 people – per person)*: 1.20 €
Guided tour of the exhibition in a foreign language not provided by POMUM (group of up to 30 people, payment to be made at least two days before arrival)*: 45.00 €

* after prior notice

Opening hours

Tuesday to Saturday: 11.00 – 18.00
Sunday and public holidays: 11.00 – 16.00
Monday: closed